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Wednesday, January 18

7:15am EST

Welcome Remarks [Segment One] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
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Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 7:15am - 7:20am EST

7:20am EST

Collaborative Cloud Native Development Environments to Mentor and Onboard Contributors - Sanskar Bhushan, n/a
Working under Hippie Hacker of ii.coop on a project that is being sponsored by CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy with the aim to provide a collaborative cloud-native development environment for the wider CNCF community to mentor and onboard new contributors, I learned the importance of collaboration in mentoring and how it can enhance productivity for senior developers, give junior developers an unforgettable learning experience and new contributors a push start. During the project, we were focused on creating a self-hosted solution for infrastructure that can be provided by CNCF using Coder - a software that provides the creation of such environments on any infrastructure that can be provisioned using terraform. This mentorship provided me with the most valuable experience than any previous mentorship as before this project, I mostly focused on a top-down approach to deal with the problems i.e. focusing mostly on codes. But while working on the project, I realized that coding is the easiest of all parts. I learned a lot about systems, the bottom-up approach to tackling problems in computer science, and a lot about infrastructures while working with Kubernetes and Terraform.

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Sanskar Bhushan

n/a, n/a
Sanskar Bhushan is a human from India. Currently a final year student, he has been mentored by Hippie Hacker of ii.coop as a mentee during the LFX mentorship 2022 fall term with CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy where he worked on shared cloud-native development environments with pairing... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 7:20am - 7:30am EST

7:33am EST

Feature Optimizations for RISCV Compliance Test Generator (CTG) and RISCV ISA Coverage (ISAC) - Edwin Joy, Incore Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd. & Priyansh Rathi
The project involved feature additions and optimizations to the RISC-V Architectural Compatibility Testing Ecosystem through the spring and fall terms of the RISC-V LFX mentorship program. The main feature improvements to the RISC-V ISAC are the design of a RISC-V disassembler using the encoding scheme maintained by a RISCV GitHub repository and re-architecting the codebase to ease adding support for future RISC-V extensions. RISCV-CTG has now been equipped with the infrastructure necessary for the generation of interesting tests to help discover pipelining hazards in the RISC-V implementation. It also facilitates the generation of CSR-combination coverpoint tests to check compliance with the privileged part of the RISC-V spec. Edwin and Priyansh with the guidance of their mentors, helped them imbibe a 'future-proof' software design philosophy practiced throughout the ecosystem. It was through this project that they came across a multitude of fascinating RISC-V initiatives and open-source contributions. They could amass sufficient experience in RISC-V, advanced Python programming and various software design practices through this mentorship program.

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Edwin Joy

Verification Engineer, Incore Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.
Edwin Joy is a graduate from Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Sikkim, India. He currently works as a Verification Engineer at InCore Semiconductors. He has been an active open-source contributor to the RISC-V Architectural... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 7:33am - 7:43am EST

7:46am EST

Linux Kernel Bug Fixing Project - Piyush Mishra, Linux Foundation
Linux Kernel Bug fixing is all about finding and fixing the bugs, which is majorly handled by syzkaller and reports generated by syzbot. Finding the bugs from the syzbot dashboard. Targeting the device drivers with syzbot and fixing the generated errors. The main topic of discussion would be errors with the USB and PCI devices. While working with world's renowned open source community like the Linux Foundation, you come across some great people to share and collaborate to enhance your skill set and information. The guidance of the mentor always helps you in your project. Experiences with the mentor Shuah Khan were just amazing. She being the mentor always provides you with the opportunities and let's you learn what's essential and takes care of all the circumstances and scenarios. Under the Linux kernel bug fixing project I came under certain tasks and procedures like fuzzing, dynamic and static analysis, event tracing and decoding the stack traces. I generated panic in the kernel and read about fixing the panic. I learned about QEMU, Buildroot, Syzkaller and GDB and the most important among them is the kernel mailing list to look upon what can be done or further improved.

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Piyush Mishra

Linux Kernel Mentee, Linux Foundation
My name is Piyush Mishra and I am an undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Bundelkhand University Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, India. I have been working on android development and practicing open source since two years. I enrolled... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 7:46am - 7:56am EST

7:59am EST

DRMAN - Github/Gitlab based DID Registries. - Daev Mithran, Cheqd
DRman is a CLI tool written in shell scripts to implement Github/Gitlab-based DID Registries. In this project, Daev Mithran worked on creating DID and GVCR plugins. Additionally, integration with the widely used Hyperledger Aries framework was done to demonstrate the usage of DRman as a DID Registry to obtain a verifiable credential. The project plan was very clear and the mentors provided a clear direction in all the discussions and evaluations. I have improved my shell script and understanding of Gradle automation tools, and the open source contribution skills in this project

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Daev Mithran

Junior Blockchain Engineer, Cheqd
I am Daev Mithran, Junior Blockchain Engineer at Cheqd, working on the cosmos identity blockchain. Previously worked for 2 years with the National Blockchain project of India, during this time getting some hands-on experience with Hyperledger Indy, Aries and Fabric, plus spending... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 7:59am - 8:09am EST

8:12am EST

Building Support for Kubernetes on Fablo - Umegbewe Nwebedu, TCI
Fablo is a simple tool to generate the Hyperledger Fabric blockchain network and run it on Docker. Built support for Fablo to generate configs and run Hyperledger Fabric on Kubernetes. My experience working with my mentors Jakub and Piotr has been excellent. They provided me with a good amount of guidance on everything pertaining to the project. They helped with code reviews, learning parts, and collaboration. The project community also helped, a maintainer from another Hyperledger project helped with bug fixes as the project was dependent on my work at Fablo. My success at Fablo is largely due to their dedication, expertise, and willingness to help. I previously didn't have much knowledge of how Hyperledger Fabric and its component worked, but i do now. I learned how to template configs with Typescript, as well as stuff like advanced error handling, writing tests, and test validations in Bash. I also learned about project management, design, and development. My mentors also provided me with invaluable advice and guidance on finding the best solutions to the various challenges and obstacles we faced, which has been a great help in the process.

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Great Umegbewe

Infrastructure Engineer, Gala Games
You can talk to me about Linux, DevOps and Cloud Systems In my freetime, I'm probably working on my Linux distro, boxing or reading random stuffs.

Wednesday January 18, 2023 8:12am - 8:22am EST

8:22am EST

Closing Remarks [Segment One] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
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Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 8:22am - 8:27am EST

8:27am EST

Morning Break
Wednesday January 18, 2023 8:27am - 8:50am EST

8:50am EST

Welcome Remarks [Segment Two] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
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Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 8:50am - 8:55am EST

8:55am EST

LKMP: From Clueless to Confident - Siddh Raman Pant, Vishwakarma GEC
Siddh spent his summer working on bugs affecting the Linux kernel. He sent his first patch as a part of screening tasks, which piqued his motivation more as a kernel newbie.

Siddh was mentored by experienced kernel developers - Shuah Khan, and Pavel Skripkin - who provided invaluable knowledge and support during the course of the mentorship. He consequently found his way to exploring multiple kernel subsystems, contributing patches upstream, and interacting over the mailing list.

Towards the end of his mentorship, Siddh had learnt a lot about kernel and how the Linux project and open-source community work. He has become confident in his ability to understand kernel code and debug, pinpoint, & fix kernel bugs. He has sent upstream multiple patches which have been accepted/merged.


Siddh Raman Pant

I am an electronics undergraduate who likes to get involved in challenging stuff and making new things. It's hard to pinpoint what I like (since there are many awesome things out there!), but if given a choice I tend to incline towards low-level stuff, embedded systems, digital system... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 8:55am - 9:05am EST

9:07am EST

CBDC Bridging Between Hyperledger Fabric and EVM-based Blockchains - André Alves Augusto, Técnico Lisboa, University of Lisbon
The number of projects focused on Central Bank Digital Currencies has been increasing at a fast pace. As it is important to correctly manage a digital form of money in a core CBDC ledger, one must also provide a way for retail businesses, in other ledgers, to use this money. Therefore, interoperability between a permissioned consortia ledger (e.g. Hyperledger Fabric) and others that offer different services such as retail businesses (e.g. EVM-based chains) is needed. We implement a bridge between Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Besu, using the ODAP business logic plugin in Hyperledger Cacti. ODAP is an asset transfer protocol under specification in the Internet Engineering Task Force. To make this project a reality, André worked closely with his mentors László Gönczy and Imre Kocsis, to brush up on his research and development skills. In the initial phase, they conducted research on interoperability solutions, followed by an implementation of the use case. The latter required the development of chaincode and smart contracts in solidity. This work was also largely possible due to the collaboration with the Hyperledger Cacti community.

avatar for André Augusto

André Augusto

Ph.D. Student, Técnico Lisboa, University of Lisbon
André is a Ph.D. student at Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon, Portugal). He has recently concluded his Master's Thesis entitled “Gateway-Based Blockchain Interoperability”, developing a new protocol to perform N-N cross-chain asset transfers using ODAP/SATP - a work in progress... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 9:07am - 9:17am EST

9:20am EST

No Code Open Source Software Contribution: Review, Advise and Contribute to the Mainframe Open Education Project - Tiiso Senosha, University of Johannesburg
The Mainframe Open Education Project provides students with the resources to learn foundational mainframe skills. As a reviewer, contributor and advisor to the project, Tiiso upskilled himself, influenced how he wants to learn mainframe skills, curated content for the project's GitBook, and built a student user group that he continues to lead. He also created awareness of the project in the student community. My mentor made it easy to adapt to the core team's style of work and be able to make an impact. It was fun experience that helped me grow and discover my passion. Lauren Valenti and I met bi-weekly to discuss how far we are in reaching the targets set for me and have a coaching session too. I focused on reviewing the educational content on the Gitbook and acquire more knowledge. However, I took the Mainframe Security Administrator learning path on Interskill. From my mentorship, I learned team-work, leadership skills, content curation, improved my communication skills and found best ways to deliver educational content. It is more about being creative, promoting the project on social media and at different universities, writing blog posts and organising virtual events.

avatar for Tiiso Senosha

Tiiso Senosha

Student, University of Johannesburg
Tiiso Senosha is a 3rd-year student at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) studying Business Information Technology. He is passionate about technology and enjoys sharing his knowledge with other students. In his first year of studies, he joined the IBM zSystem Ambassador program... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 9:20am - 9:30am EST

9:33am EST

Deploy Fabric Networks with Minifabric and the Fabric Operator - Christopher Ryan Humphrey, n/a
The Hyperledger-Labs Minifabric project now has Fabric Operator support. Users that choose to run Minifabric in a kubernetes environment can deploy nodes to their network quickly with the help of the operator. All that is required of the user is to create spec files for the nodes they wish to deploy and run a simple bash command to deploy them. I had a pleasant experience working with my mentor Tong Li. Tong was kind and always available to help if I were stuck on an issue. The goals that we assigned ourselves at the beginning of the project were straightforward, so it was easy to track my progress and stay on pace. I learned so much through my work on this project. I had little to no prior experience with essentially all of the technologies that I used throughout. The biggest skill I learned was ansible, as the majority of my work involved the tech. I also learned about different deployment environments such as docker and kubernetes. Additionally, I picked up some advanced bash techniques that I had not been aware of previously.

avatar for Christopher Ryan Humphrey

Christopher Ryan Humphrey

Hyperledger Foundation
I am currently seeking out full-time employment. In the meantime, I have been learning decentralized application development. Currently, I am developing a sports betting dapp using polygon, chainlink, and metamask. The dapp allows users to quickly place bets using their metamask wallet... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 9:33am - 9:43am EST

9:46am EST

Learning Tokens for Educational Institutions - Jose Marvin Henriquez Alfaro, Hyperledger Foundation
Learning Tokens is a mechanism that uses the composable Interwork Alliance Token Taxonomy Framework (IWA TTF) to produce a Learning Token as a positive reinforcer that recognizes, registers, and rewards community engagement in collective learning, and also certifying skills acquisition and competencies. As Mentee it is been a rewarding experience, I have had the pleasure to work with Alfonso Govela as my mentor, a fierce open source contributor and exceptional educator, which has helped me to gain more experience in software development and using open source tools such as it is the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF). In the process of maintaining Learning Tokens Lab, I have learned how to use the Token Taxonomy Framework (TTF), to create definitions of tokens for educational purposes. I have also learned and gained skills in blockchain development, as I have learned more about Solidity programming language which is going to be used for the implementation of Learning Tokens Project, which will be deployed later on Hyperledger Besu.

avatar for Jose Marvin Henriquez Alfaro

Jose Marvin Henriquez Alfaro

LFX 2022 Mentee | Software Developer, Hyperledger Foundation
Software developer with over two years of experience in the industry, and LFX 2022 Mentee at Hyperledger Foundation. Open Source contributor since 2020, contributing as Co-Organizer at the CNCF chapter of El Salvador, and currently as a maintainer of a Hyperledger project called Learning... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 9:46am - 9:56am EST

9:59am EST

"Byzantine Swaps": A Rigorously Secure Way For Cross-Chain Atomic Asset Exchange - Francis Mendoza, Ripple
Blockchain interoperability has the potential to unlock magnitudes more value from the disparate and siloed layer-one ecosystems, functionally doing for the industry what the Hypertext Transmission Protocol (HTTP) did for the fledgling internet. The prior art for cross-chain transactions primarily involved utilization of bridges as the most popular choice, with atomic cross-chain swaps following suit. However, the fundamental security limits of bridges and the string of recent exploits block mass-adoption. In this talk, we propose "Byzantine Swaps": a novel iteration of trustless cross-chain atomic swaps with greater security guarantees as an alternative to classical bridges and to advance security-centric interoperability developments in Blockchain R&D. Under this mentorship, I have worked under Venkatraman Ramakrishna, Dhinakaran Vinayagamurthy, Krishnasuri Narayanam, and Sandeep Nishad from IBM Research. I had a very positive experience under their guidance, learning much about interoperability, while learning balance between theoretically sound protocol design vs. practical industry implementation. I learned about Typescript, Go, Hyperledger Weaver, and Cross-Chain swaps.

avatar for Francis Mendoza

Francis Mendoza

Blockchain Engineer, Ripple
Francis Mendoza is a new grad blockchain engineer at Ripple. Graduating from Arizona State University with a BS and MS in Computer Science, he brings 5+ years of research & development experience from the ASU Blockchain Research Lab and various blockchain engineering experience from... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 9:59am - 10:09am EST

10:12am EST

OpenHPC, Containerization, and Benchmarking - Kevin Hsu, OpenHPC
Kevin was a mentee of OpenHPC since the summer of 2022. Mentored by Reese Baird, he set up high-performance computing clusters in virtual machines through the use of Vagrant, and created and studied benchmarking on HPC clusters. Then he set out to utilize NVIDIA's HPC container maker to create scripts that could be converted to both Docker and Singularity files, providing GPU and TensorFlow support to OpenHPC's base image. Through the OpenHPC community, he attended the SC22 SuperComputing conference to learn more about HPC in the professional world. Kevin would like to give thanks to Reese, project lead Christopher Simmons, and the other maintainers of OpenHPC for introducing him to the world of high-performance computing. It was amazing working with my mentor Reese and OpenHPC! I had weekly meetings with my mentor where we discussed HPC in the context of industry, research, and open source, as well as checked in on my work with containers and benchmarking. Additionally, the OpenHPC community was very welcoming; I met many of them in person at SC22, as well as swinging by the booth and attending their talk. Research, Distributed Training, xCAT, Slurm, Singularity, Docker, GPUs

avatar for Kevin Hsu

Kevin Hsu

Mentee, OpenHPC
Kevin is a Junior at Brown University studying computer science and visual art. Over the past few months, he worked with OpenHPC on high-performance computing topics involving benchmarking and containerization. In Fall 2022, he also interned at NASA Ames Research Center creating lunar... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:12am - 10:22am EST

10:25am EST

Closing Remarks [Segment Two] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
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Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:25am - 10:30am EST

10:30am EST

Break (See you again at 10:00 pm EST)
Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:30am - 10:00pm EST

10:00pm EST

Welcome Remarks [Segment Three] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
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Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:00pm - 10:05pm EST

10:07pm EST

Opening the door to the Open Source Software through the OpenBLAS project - Takumi Hiraoka, University
He worked on the project committed to OpenBLAS. OpenBLAS is an optimized BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) library and is optimized for each architecture to achieve high performance. But the matrix-matrix computations using OpenBLAS kernel didn’t support RVV 1.0, so he was trying to implement it. He had never contributed to OSS before starting this project, so he was very anxious to be able to do it. But his mentor guided him and helped a lot. That made it easy for him to try contributing to OSS. Also another mentee worked with him on this project with passion, and Takumi was able to work hard on the project to keep up with him. Through this mentorship project, he learned the concept of OpenBLAS and how to write RVV assembly code and the importance of breaking large tasks into smaller steps. He hopes to continue contributing to OSS in the future.

avatar for Takumi Hiraoka

Takumi Hiraoka

Student, The University of Tokyo
I’m a senior undergraduate in the department of Information and Communication Engineering at the University of Tokyo. My research topic is about computer architecture, and I’m interested in technology related to RISC-V and LLVM.

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:07pm - 10:17pm EST

10:20pm EST

Adding AMQ Protocol Support to Pixie - Anubhav Choudhary
Anubhav's project for LFX 2022 was to add support for AMQ protocol to Pixie. Pixie is an open source observability tool for Kubernetes applications which uses eBPF to automatically capture telemetry data without the need for manual instrumentation. It already supported HTTP, MySQL, Kafka protocol tracing. Anubhav's work allowed tracing and parsing of AMQP 0-9-1 frames.

I had a sterling experience working with my mentors: Omid Azizi and Yaxiong Zhao. Both inspired me a lot to work for computer science. Yaxiong especially has a lot of patience and dedication. He at every point of time helped me to complete my project. Additionally Pixie slack community and CNCF itself were quite helpful all the time.

During this project I learned about protocol tracing, reading binary and hex data strings, build tools like chef and C++ in general. I got to experience depths of Docker based development and kernel probes.

avatar for Anubhav Choudhary

Anubhav Choudhary

I am currently a student and an upcoming intern at Veritas LLC.

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:20pm - 10:30pm EST

10:33pm EST

A Mentee Joins Efforts to Improve Supply Chain Security at Cilium - Sandipan Panda
In this talk, Sandipan shares his experience of working as a LFX mentee on improving the supply chain security of Cilium. During the mentorship, he worked on signing container images, generating Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) during release, and automating these steps. Join him as he shares the lessons he learned as he got involved in the open source communities working to protect developers from open source security risks. Learn more about the skills he acquired during the mentorship and how he solved some exciting challenges while working on the project with the constant guidance and feedback of his mentors and the awesome community of developers at Cilium, Kubernetes, and Sigstore.


Sandipan Panda

Student | LFX Mentee Fall'22 @ Cilium
Sandipan started his journey in open source as a mentee in the Kubernetes community, where he's now a member. He is passionate about open source and cloud native technologies. He is an active member of various open source communities and contribute regularly to projects related to... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:33pm - 10:43pm EST

10:46pm EST

Writing CLI Tests Cases For Kyverno Policies - Oshi Gupta
Kyverno is a policy engine natively designed for Kubernetes. Oshi created and tested various test cases for the Kyverno policies through Kyverno CLI. This will help Kyverno users and contributors to understand how to write test cases for the different scenarios and Kyverno policies and test them with the Kyverno CLI tool.

From weekly standup to daily updates on Slack, this project has been completed under the guidance of my mentors, Prateek Pandey and Vyankatesh Kudtarkar. Discussing policies with the community members in weekly contributor meetings helped me better understand them.

This was my first exposure to working on a sizeable open-source codebase project. The journey taught me many new things. I learned how to approach and understand a large codebase, work and collaborate as a team, eliminate my fear of public speaking, implement policies on the Kubernetes cluster, and test various use-case scenarios to write clean test cases. Working on this also makes me better at sharing my thoughts, planning, and meeting deadlines efficiently.

avatar for Oshi Gupta

Oshi Gupta

DevOps Engineer &Technical Writer, CloudYuga Technologies
Oshi Gupta works as a DevOps Engineer and Technical Writer at CloudYuga Technologies. She is CKA certified and has been selected for LFX mentorship in Spring 2022 for CNCF Kyverno. She loves writing blogs and sharing her learning through them with the community. She has been a speaker... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:46pm - 10:56pm EST

10:59pm EST

Leveling UP my Linux Kernel Contributions - Juhee Kang, Open Up (Open Source Software Support Center)
I am interested in Linux and Linux-related technologies. I started out making small contributions to the Linux kernel networking subsystem last year. In this process, I felt limited in how I could contribute more effectively by myself. To overcome this, I applied for the LFX Mentorship. Through this program, I learned how to effectively contribute to the kernel and how to fix kernel bugs found in various community testing efforts, including syzbot. Also, I was able to grow further by spending time with people with the same interests. Furthermore, I look forward to contributing more to this project and being more active in the community.

avatar for Juhee Kang

Juhee Kang

Open Source Developer, Open Up (Open Source Software Support Center)
Juhee works as an open-part frontier at OPEN UP (Open Source Software Support Center) and am contributing to the Linux kernel networking stack. She is primarily interested in Linux kernel, network, bpf/xdp, and RCU technologies. Also, she is passionate about sharing my experience... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 10:59pm - 11:09pm EST

11:12pm EST

LFX Mentorship and Me - Sachin Maurya
This was a life long learning for me. Earlier I never thought I will be able to make it But with consistent effort I was able to get selected .So If you are looking to apply for this or any mentorship just keep applying ..it's Ok if you don't get selected it will help you one or the other way . Most Important enjoy this journey.

avatar for Sachin Maurya

Sachin Maurya

Associate Product Engineer, Infracloud.io
Hii, I'm Passionate about security and open source. learning about new buzz word eBPF.

Wednesday January 18, 2023 11:12pm - 11:22pm EST

11:22pm EST

Closing Remarks [Segment Three] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
avatar for Shuah Khan

Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Wednesday January 18, 2023 11:22pm - 11:27pm EST

11:27pm EST

Evening Break
Wednesday January 18, 2023 11:27pm - Thursday January 19, 2023 12:00am EST
Thursday, January 19

12:00am EST

Welcome Remarks [Segment Four] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
avatar for Shuah Khan

Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:00am - 12:05am EST

12:07am EST

Learning to Explore Linux Kernel as a Newbie and Getting Stuck - Abdul Rafey, Linux Foundation
Abdul Rafey was shortlisted for Linux Kernel Bug Fixing Fall 2022. He faced several challenges while setting up the workspace. Even while analyzing bugs, he got stuck at many places. Yet he remained determined and learned a lot analyzing the bug Slab-out-of-bounds Read in _fscache_acquire_volume() in fs/fscache/volume.c. This talk will be about the lessons he learned during the Mentorship. My mentor, Shuah Khan, is awesome. She guided me and other fellow mentees on every aspect and every stage of the mentorship program. She had answered tons of our questions. Her live demonstrations of Linux Kernel Development and analyses of bugs were immensely helpful. She encouraged us to explore new technologies that were being utilized in Linux Kernel Development. I became a proficient Linux user. I learned to analyze running processes and services on my system. I became comfortable in reading System Logs! I learned to use several static analysis and dynamic analysis tools such as Coccinelle, sparse, syzbot,etc. I used GNU Debugger to analyze the Linux kernel running on a QEMU/KVM utilizing a TCP connection. And most importantly, I became a better C programmer.

avatar for Abdul Rafey

Abdul Rafey

LFX Mentee, LFX, Linux Foundation
I am a student pursuing Masters In Computer Applications from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India. I am an open source enthusiast.

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:07am - 12:17am EST

12:20am EST

My LFX Mentorship Experience - A Rollercoaster Ride - Ruchi Shrikant Pakhle, RedHat
Ruchi was selected as an LFX Mentee at Open-Horizon for the Spring Cohort'22. Ruchi worked on the Open Horizon Services project and deployed an edge node of the services project which modified the installation process and published it on the docker hub making edge node installation 1.5x times quicker. Ruchi added missing makefile targets and implemented a few examples of the project in different programming languages like C++, Go & Python. Starting off from the day I applied to the LFX until getting selected as an LFX Mentee and working successfully for over 3 months and a half, it felt surreal. I have been contributing to open-source projects and organizations before. But being a part of LFX gave me such a huge learning curve and a sense of credibility and ownership that I got here wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. The open-Horizon community is so welcoming and working with my mentors Joe Pearson and Troy Fine was the best part of all I would definitely gonna cherish that as it was my first-ever corporate experience. As my project revolved around Cloud-Native technology and DevOps, I learned Docker, DevOps, Linux, how edge-computing works, how to deploy on docker-hub, & GO.

avatar for Ruchi Shrikant Pakhle

Ruchi Shrikant Pakhle

Software Engineer, RedHat
Incoming SDE at Red Hat, LFX Mentee Spring'22 at Open-Horizon, Open-Source Software Developer at AsyncAPI Initiative, Technical Intern at Cuvette, Gold Microsoft Student Ambassador.Quick Introduction: A passionate developer and an open-source enthusiast. I graduated from the LFX Mentorship... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:20am - 12:30am EST

12:33am EST

Discovering the Linux Subsystems used by a Workload - Shefali Sharma, Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology
Shefali worked at ELISA (Enabling Linux in Safety Applications) during her mentorship program. She analyzed some system workloads under strace to focus on the subsystem and modules that make up the footprint for safety. She also wrote a White Paper on her findings. Her mentors, Ms. Shuah Khan and Mr. Milan Lakhani and the project community nurtured and motivated her. Her experience there was remarkable. They were very supportive throughout the journey and working with them was a life-changing experience for her. During her mentorship program, Shefali learned a lot about the Linux kernel, Core C programming, and various tools and techniques for analyzing the kernel like strace, ftrace, cscope, perf.

avatar for Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma

Student, Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology
Shefali is a senior-year student at the Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, India. She is interested in low-level programming and kernel development. She was a mentee at the ELISA Medical Devices WG under the Linux Foundation Mentorship Program where she wrote a document... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:33am - 12:43am EST

12:46am EST

Building VS Code Extension with Cross-platform Support for Enarx - Mayank Kumar, N.A.
Mayank worked on building a VS Code extension for Enarx from the ground up, where he had to integrate various functionalities of the Enarx CLI with the VS Code extension interface while ensuring the developer's experience while using the extension is the one with the least friction. The project's core challenge was getting the interaction flow for the different actions right while maintaining cross-platform support across Windows, Linux and macOS. The Enarx Community is a very engaging community, where it's effortless to get support for anything we are blocked with the daily meetups with the community and other channels of communication. My mentor Nick Vidal has provided me with an amazing support system throughout the fellowship with proper guidance and feedback which helped me achieve the goals we had set at the beginning of the fellowship. I learned a lot about Confidential Computing while learning about enarx, and along with that, I developed skills in VS Code Extension Development and TypeScript.

avatar for Mayank Kumar

Mayank Kumar

Student, VIT Vellore
Mayank is a Senior at VIT Vellore, India pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Engineer with a specialization in Information Technology. He has recently worked with Confidential Computing Consortium Community to develop a VS Code extension for Enarx. Before the LFX fellowship, he interned... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:46am - 12:56am EST

12:59am EST

A Summer with Linux - Gautam Menghani, NA
Gautam was a part of Linux Kernel mentorship program summer 2022 where he contributed to Damon (data access monitoring) and kselftests. The contributions included bug fixes, new tests and improving error messages. He was mentored by Shuah Khan and Pavel Skripkin during the program. The mentors guided all the mentees about the kernel, and dos and don'ts for interacting with the kernel community very well. The kernel community is very welcoming to new contributors, which encourages people to start working on the kernel. Gautam gained different skills and learned about many concepts during the program - Kernel internals, Event tracing, static and dynamic analysis, Fuzzing, and QEMU.

avatar for Gautam Menghani

Gautam Menghani

Software Engineer, NA
I am currently working as a software engineer. I have contributed to open source projects and have also worked on various projects across different software stacks. I am currently contributing to the linux kernel to help make it more feature rich and stable. I was a mentee in the... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 12:59am - 1:09am EST

1:12am EST

RISC-V Compressed Extension for SERV CPU - Abdul Wadood, 10xEngineers
The award-winning SERV is the world's smallest RISC-V CPU and is suitable for deeply embedded applications where chip area is at a premium. However, not only the CPU sets the size of the system but it is also important to have a smaller memory size in a real system. RISC-V Compressed extension allows the user to utilize memory more efficiently. Abdul Wadood will discuss the road map of porting Compressed ISA Extension to SERV CPU, and a walkthrough of getting started with SERV using an amazing package manager: FuseSoC. In this project, Abdul Wadood was mentored by the creator of the SERV: Olof Kindgren. Public gitter channnel was used for all the technical discussions to build this project.

avatar for Abdul Wadood

Abdul Wadood

Hardware Engineer, 10xEngineers
Abdul Wadood is an Electrical Engineering graduate (2018-2022) from the University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. He has been working as a mentee on the RISC-V International project in the spring 2022 LFX Mentorship program. He also worked as a contributor in Google Summer... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 1:12am - 1:22am EST

1:25am EST

Learn From and Give Back to the Community - Meha Bhalodiya
I believe in "Learn from and Give Back to the Community". The things I have planned after my mentorship experience are: Encourage folks who are unaware of such programs to involve by spreading the word through writing a blog (link) and conducting talks (LFX mentorship showcase) too. To understand the work, process, and responsibilities of a mentee in the CNCF community and enroll as a mentor or else taking a lead in a team once you are properly trained. After the end of the mentorship, continue contributing more and be in touch with mentors.

avatar for Meha Bhalodiya

Meha Bhalodiya

SQE Intern, Red Hat
Meha is a final-year Computer Science Engineering Student, a Kubernetes Release team Shadow, a Google Summer of Code scholar, an LFX mentee, and also a LiFT scholarship recipient. Meha has made her way up the ranks in the open source world becoming a member of the Kubernetes, Keptn... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 1:25am - 1:35am EST

1:35am EST

Closing Remarks [Segment Four] - Shuah Khan, The Linux Foundation
avatar for Shuah Khan

Shuah Khan

Linux Fellow, Linux Foundation
Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow, The Linux Foundation Shuah Khan is a Kernel Maintainer & Linux Fellow at The Linux Foundation. She is an experienced Linux Kernel developer, maintainer, and contributor. She authored A Beginner’s Guide to Linux Kernel Development (LFD103). She leads... Read More →

Thursday January 19, 2023 1:35am - 1:40am EST
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